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The 3Rs... Restoration, renovation and refurbishment!
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Bowman Pioneer c.1925
Swan M1
Bringing a GR Cross engine back to life...
Early Mamod SE1
Mamod-Doe Dual Drive
Turning back the clock on a Mamod workshop.
Bownam Snipe restoration help
Post-war SE2
Mamod SE2 for restoration
re-tubing a M101 burner.
mamod minor 2
mamod se2a restoration
se2a restoration
Mec1 refurb!
Diameter of Mamod steam line..
SEL 1520 Engine restore
Burnac Vulcan Renovation Help...
Bowman burner, silverfoxsteam ?
Burner Wadding?
Base-mounted chimney SE1
SE4 resurrection
Mamod/Hobbies SE4 restoration/rebuild.
Mamod SE2a refurb complete.
Partial Mamod refurb.
Bowman M135 Rebuild
Colour Match
1954-58 SE2
Solderin nickel plated boilers
Drawn tube boilered SE1 c1949-52
SE 1 tidy up
lightly restored cyldon 13/4
MM1 finally refurbed
1975 MM1 refurb
Fleischmann Grinder Restored
Sorting out some bits &pieces! (Episode 2)
Sorting out some bits & pieces! (Episode 1)
Cyldon 13/4
D32 Pipework
Thread for the Knurled Head screw on Canopy
Restoring a SR1a
Restored Mamod SE1 and SE2 engines from the 1950s.
S .E .L
The saving of a Fleischmann
1958 'Transitional' MM2 entering the works
Turret Clock work
Meccano Engine Refurb
doll 636 press
Electro derusting
Poor Old Doll
Flat Base MM2 Brass Flywheel.
Short Boiler TE1.
The Mamod Conqueror
Bing Chimney Challenge
Mersey 52GR
Unknown German OverType
1954 Mamod SE2
Se2a with sight glass:)
Cranko Roller and Tractor
cyldon 13/2 information wanted
Reengineering of a Mastrand
Stuart Boiler Woes
Peter Pan
Mamod 1946 SE1
There once was a rusty SE3.....
The Resurection of a Doll
ADE Resurection
Multi-Burner Paint-job
Fleischmann Fix
The Resurection of a Falk
My tip and did you know.
Painting tips
Mamod SE2 Dezinc
On with the Doll
Mamod Steam Roller disapointment.
Jensen 75 - Esbit Residue Removal
Project Plank
A Bit More Tinkering - The Big Falk Resto
Restoration of Se2a! (New pictures again page 3 25/10)
Bing Vertical Steam Engine
Bowman E101 Boiler Stay Rod
Bowman E101 Restoration
wilesco D16
FINISHED Mamod Lorry Conversion LOTS of Photo's
A new arival...
D6 modified.
1954 MAMOD SE1 enters the Plymouth toy steam works
More of a tidy-up than a restoration.
'Transitional' Mamod SE1 c1957/8 - refurbishment
Marklin 4095-4 - flywheel replacement
Wilesco D32 Rebuild
Bowman M140 resto
Hornby Rocket
Flatbase Minor 2 restoration
1946 SE 1
Minor 2 Two
Bowman M167
Bowman colourful M175 Restoration
A Plank Revived
carette 688/? more of refurb than full out resto. better vid
Bing Vertical 10/134/1
Mamod SE2
The delicate (?) 'art' of chimney-making.
Mamod MM2 Restoration
Luton Bowman PW201 Restoration
Mamod MM2
mamod sp5 Restoration
Luton Bowman PW201 Restoration
If you're serious about restoration....
Work outstanding
flieschmann refurbish now in pb
griffin and george sp4
The Resurection
Re Engineering a Crane Engine
Bowman M167
Bowman M101/Hobbies Lion restoration
Before and After
Bowman M158 Restoration
TE1a rebuild.
No longer a black SE1
SEL 1550
A Minor Restoration
Plane L5 refurb 2 - the Fox's challenge!
Wilesco Roller 'Omon'
D-32el to Meths
...and now for something different - Mamod Tools Restoration
the d32 project
Cyldon 13/3
Latimer Plane L5 refurbishment
Rare Mamod SE3 variation - refurbishment
Help with a Weeden
Cyldon 13/1
Bowman M101 refurbishment
Meths Fired Jensen 75
another Stuart Turner no 9 steam engine.
Some images from the archives/2 - 1963 N&B TE1 refurbish
Some images from my archives... G&G SE3 refurb, 2006
Shoenner overtype steam engine
The Big Restoration Question
Bing Saw & Man
Bowman PW203
Bowman Snipe
Bowman Luton Snipe restoration
Airbrush use
The Black Eagle
Vertical/Horizontal Engine Improvments
Bowman-Luton Snipe....need your opinion
Bowman M122D
Another SE2a
Decals . . .
Renovate or Restoration
Bowman M140 refeurb
Restored Mamods
Bowman M122 before and after
1970s mamod SE2a
1967 SR1a
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